Welcome to our course on the 5 Biological Laws of Nature!

Experience a holistic view of health and illness through the principles of New Medicine. This advice explains the connection between psychological experience, brain activity and physical symptoms according to the 5 biological laws of nature. Develop a deeper understanding of your body's self-healing powers.

This course will help you develop a deeper understanding of the connections between body, mind and health. Here are the five basic biological laws of nature that we will explain and learn in detail throughout this course:

1st law – The highly acute conflict activates the special program of an illness
2nd law – Two phases of every illness – conflict phase & healing phase
3rd law – The cotyledon theory explains the connection between conflict and organ
4th law – Cell structure and breakdown by microorganisms
5th law – Meaning behind the illnesses

Application in everyday life: In this course you will not only understand the theory, but also learn how to apply the principles of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature in your daily life. We will share practical tools and techniques to reduce stress, manage emotional conflict, and promote natural healing.

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