Discover the art of video production

 and des film editing in our comprehensive course. Here you have the choice: Either you learn the techniques to produce impressive videos yourself - from the technical details of the camera to the effective use of video editing programs - or you enjoy the convenience of having us produce customized videos.

If you would like to become active yourself, we offer a deep insight into the technical aspects of camera work, lighting and sound recording. Immerse yourself in the world of video editing programs and learn the basics and advanced techniques for professional film editing.

Alternatively, we can take over the entire production for you. From idea development to filming to the final cut – we take care of every step and make your vision come true.

No matter whether you want to become a creative creator yourself or want to place production in our hands, our course offers the right know-how for everyone. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of video production and film editing and develop your creative potential.

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