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Intellectual life: education & culture

Under the menu item “Education & Culture” you can immerse yourself in the sphere of intellectual life. Here we dedicate ourselves to the development of knowledge, art and culture. In keeping with Rudolf Steiner's threefold social structure, intellectual life should operate independently of economic and political influences. Discover inspiring articles, informative contributions and cultural events that enrich intellectual life in many ways.

Economy & Goods: The heart of our work

The heart of our activities is located in the “Business & Goods” menu item. Everything here revolves around the production, exchange and distribution of goods and services. In keeping with the threefold social structure, we rely on democratic principles to promote a sustainable and fair economic life. Find out more about our projects, initiatives and the people who shape our economic life.

Association & Law: Democracy and the rule of law

In the “Association & Law” tab, the focus is on sociocracy and the organization. Here you can find out more about our organizational structure, memberships and democratic decision-making processes. Legal life should be free from economic or cultural influences - we focus on transparency, justice and compliance with legal standards.

Members area: Your participation in the social threefold division

Our member area offers you the opportunity to actively participate in the social threefolding. Here you can manage memberships, take part in votes and exchange ideas with like-minded people. We believe in the strength of community and that every member can contribute to a fair and sustainable society.

Together for a vibrant social tripartite structure

With 12×12 we create a digital space that transfers the ideas of social tripartization into the online world. Discover, discuss and actively shape things - because a lively social threefold structure is created through the participation of every individual.


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