Our farm shops

Healing Shop

Discover high quality Healing products
in connection with the
5 biological laws of nature.
Your journey to
cure starts here.
our shop
and find the tools,
who support you on your way!

Healing Shop

Technology shop

Find from us
recommended technology products,
which is perfect for
Self-sufficiency and Increased productivity are.
Start your journey here
independence and Efficiency.
Visit our
Shop and choose from the best devices and Tools out of,
which you in one
self-sufficient life and at the
Optimize your workflow support!

Technology Shop

Homemade specialty shop

where taste and tradition meet!
Discover our unique selection
black garlic, jams
and other delicacies, made from
regional products.
Start your culinary journey of discovery here
into the world of handmade delicacies.
Visit us and let yourself be inspired
flavors of the region seduce,
handpicked and lovingly prepared for your enjoyment!

Homemade specialties

Welcome to our exclusive area where you all of our affiliate links products find! Here we have put together a careful selection of items that we recommend and that will support you in your everyday life, at work or on your way to a self-sufficient life. Any purchase made through these links helps us, at no additional cost to you. Discover the products we love and trust now, and support us at the same time!”

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