“Don’t be a victim of your external circumstances,
be the creator of your reality”
-Separation is an illusion-

In the area “Education and Culture”
we dedicate ourselves to promoting it
of knowledge, art and culture.
Freedom in intellectual life

In the area “Economy and Goods”
it is about the production, distribution of resources and services.
Brotherhood in business life

In the area “Association & Law”
it's about the members,
Sociocracy and organization.
Equality in legal life

Our goal is to
a sustainable awareness
create and exchange knowledge
and promote resources.
we create the foundation
on which people use their talents
and visions can unfold.


The vision

We humans are on one
Trip through our lives.
We are recognizing more and more clearly
that every action
every thought
and every word shapes our reality.

That's why it's important to become more aware of thisto become.We have it in our hands.
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Discover the highlights of an artistically fulfilling year at the 12×12 Academy of Higher Arts in our annual review video. Enjoy the best moments of our exciting network meetings and the inspiring encounters with extraordinary people. A year full of art, culture and community awaits you!

To fulfill our dream of open houses
 and sustainable living space,
We invite you to help us finance one
Crane WASP 3Dprinter.
Your contribution to 
Crowdfunding help us,
innovative and tailor-made
Realizing housing solutions.
Every support brings us closer to our goal,
together one 
better future to design.

Discover the future of construction 3D printing technology: houses and even Castles, which are created directly on site from local resources. This innovative method enables the printing of entire residential structures including kitchen units, bed niches and bathtubs in a seamless process. The boundaries of creativity are redefined by making each building a unique, eco-friendly work of art. Welcome to a new era of construction, where dreams take shape.

Premium membership:
The all-round carefree package
Incl. 1440 hearts per month

The latest every month Information carrier (wooden medallion) Festival pass free entry to our own events.
Coffee/tea and raw cocoa flat rate at events in which we are involved. 

1440€ per year


Supporting membership: Your keys to well-being!
Incl. 144 hearts per month

Chat with 12×12:
Personal exchange
for all concerns

12€ per month


Club membership:
Your free door to the community experience!

Members area:
Set up your profile and exchange ideas.
News Feed
Interact with other members.
Farm shop:
Discover the diversity

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12×12 Cultural Association
IBAN: AT74 2027 2000 0077 1311
Waldviertler Sparkasse

Academy course offerings

1 course unit lasts about 1 hour
and costs 120 hearts
that you earn for free
or you can buy it in the farm shop

Human Design Reading

Advice in new medicine according to the 5 biological laws of nature

2D drawing course

Homepage construction and design in WordPress with WooCommerce

GreenPower: Understanding Sustainable Energy Sources

Schwangerschaft und Geburtsvorbereitung

Pregnancy and birth preparation

Inspiration life: develop your full potential

Bitcoin & Crypto Advice

Video production and film editing

InSpirit Yoga 

TechNavi – Flexible technology advice for smartphones, computers & Co.

KinderKompass – orientation for parents regarding child benefit, youth welfare offices and education

Welcome to our farm shop

Discover the diversity
handmade delicacies
and unique products,
that we create with love.

What's waiting for you:

Homemade treasures: From homemade treats to
to handmade works of art

our farm shop offers something unique.

Affiliate program: Check out our recommended products
in the affiliate shop. Every purchase supports us,
without the price changing for you.

a win-win situation!

Farm shop

CreativeRoom Laser Workshop

Discover a world of artistic Possibilities
with our Trotec Speedy 100 Lasers. Of precise Engravings
on wood, acrylic and paper through to organic materials –
this laser makes your creative Visions tangible.
Our passionate ones Artist and craftsmen are at your side,
to make your visions become reality.
No matter whether it is individual engravings or artistic cuts
or customized designs

to the laser workshop

12×12 calendar


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